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The Melbet app is one of the most popular, although less mentioned as it is designed more for professional players. Of course, bookmakers make their Android apps easy to use for everyone, and it's easy enough for beginners to figure it out as well. Unfortunately there isn't any iOS version, so you'll have to use the mobile version, but it doesn't differ much from the app.

The Melbet app has a handy game history and detailed statistics, and of course live streaming of all popular games. You can make analysis and bets through the Android app, and after winning you can withdraw your money in any convenient way. By the way, the app is multilingual and supports all popular languages to satisfy players from any country.

How to download the Melbet app for Android

You can download Melbet app for Android only as an APK file. This application is not available on the Google Play Market, as it contradicts the Marketplace policy. Apple's rules also prohibit downloading apps for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch through the App Store.

In both cases, you will have to install the program manually. In the case of Apple devices, you will have to make additional changes to the device software. Therefore, it is easier to use the mobile version of the site on Apple devices. Open source Android allows you to add and install the client yourself.

How to install the Melbet.apk

Once you have successfully downloaded the APK file, you can proceed to install it by simply clicking on the file. During the process, you might have a problem that the installation will not be allowed due to security reasons. You can solve this problem with the following instructions:

  • On your phone, go to settings;
  • Look for Security and Privacy;
  • Allow installation of apps from any source;

You can now repeat the installation and you should have no problems. After successful installation you can reset the security settings to the old mode. The installed app will work as it needs minimal settings.

This bookmaker is the last step for professional players. You can try many different apps, but this is the one you will come back to. Cricket is very much loved in India, it is the national sport. You can bet on it in any app, but it's in Melbet that you can do it with gusto. 

No distracting banners or ads, just betting and excitement. You don't have to stop at just cricket. Place your bets on football, kabaddi, hockey etc. That's why India loves this app, everything is made for the convenience and enjoyment of the game. 

Melbet Casino

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An interesting feature of Melbet is the online casino built into the app. While the match is going on and you're waiting for the results, you can entertain yourself in the casino section, which offers a lot of games for money. Gamblers will find entertainment to suit all tastes. 

There is no need to worry about honesty, the firm was founded in 2012 and has a good reputation. Melbet Casino has an official licence obtained from the Cypriot company Dranap Ltd.

There is also plenty of language support and a lightweight design. There are many rumors about the casino, but it's mostly unlucky players who write negative reviews. If you stick to our tips, you'll always be with a positive deposit!

Slots and casino providers Melbet

Let's elaborate a little more on the slot machine section of the casino section. Different casinos use different variations:
Licensed software.
Scripted software.

Melbet as a bookmaker only uses official software, which has no win/loss settings. State-of-the-art random chance algorithms are used, so everything is only directed at your luck. If you like this approach, then you are welcome! 

Major suppliers of licensed software:
Igrosoft, etc.

Which games are the most profitable at Melbet Casino?

It's a difficult question to answer, the most important thing is to understand the game in order to win money. Let's explain with some examples to make it clearer.


This is a very popular 21-points slot game, where you can make a quick and easy profit over a long distance. The rules are exactly the same as the card game, so if you're familiar with the real game, you can start playing for money straight away. 

By the way, this is a slot that often offers valuable prizes such as the iPhone. But you're advised to start with small amounts to gain experience and then play for higher amounts.


It's the same as the real thing. You pick a colour and number or just a number or colour and bet while the ball is spinning. There are many variations of profit strategies, but you need experience everywhere. So train on small amounts. Further you can easily get 500 for one bet from 10 dollars.

There are other slots, it is very long to tell about them all. Choose what you like best and enjoy!

Registration in the Melbet app

If you like the description of this platform, let's get on with registering. Melbet has a very easy and straightforward registration form. You have to provide your real details at all steps, as they will be checked in order to withdraw money from your balance.

We strongly advise you to use only verified applications, for example our website. If you are afraid of or unable to install the app, please use Melbet mobile app. Let us now go through the basic steps of registering:

  1. Providing personal details;
  2. Choosing a payment system;
  3. Providing withdrawal and top-up information;
  4. Obligatory email confirmation;

And most importantly, you must be over 18 years old. This is a strict rule that must not be broken. 

Bonus in the Melbet app

Like all popular sites Melbet has a generous bonus system. The main ones are welcome bonuses, promotions for everyone, raffles and loyalty programmes.

  • The welcome bonus is the most important one and it is 100% on your first deposit. That's why we recommend you to make your first deposit of a big sum at once. To double your deposit, with a maximum bonus of $100
  • Increase your first bet by three times, if you bet $10 the first time, it goes up to $30

These bonuses only apply to new users who are opening an account on the official portal or through the app for the first time.

For regular customers, there are special bonuses that are also very generous:

  • Fast Play Day;
  • 100% cashback. If one bet is lost get a refund for the others;
  • Special "Toto" program;
  • Bonus for 100 bets;
  • Promo Codes.

New promotions are announced every day, so keep an eye out for news in the dedicated section. All promotions have a limited time limit, so if you missed one promotion, you'll be able to take part in a new one soon. 

How to make a deposit in the Melbet app

Instructions for topping up your balance at Melbet:

  1. Open the mobile app or the Meblet website;
  2. Login to the system or open an account right away;
  3. There, select top up;
  4. Select the payment method and recharge amount;
  5. Pay through the selected method.

This simple instruction will help you top up your account and start betting on cricket and other matches immediately.

Cricket betting on the Melbet app

All the popular betting companies featured on our website provide cricket betting opportunities. A seemingly complex game that is very popular in India, England Australia and other countries. Cricket's numerous championships show just how popular the sport is. The rules may vary slightly depending on the type of match. It is played all year round, so you can bet all year round without any restrictions.

In the Melbet apk app you can bet on any event in any sport. There are even exotic types of betting, but they are only for prestigious tournaments and leagues. You can even bet on the team that will be first to ball or who exactly will come out as number one.

Melbet Casino

Separately, we would like to highlight the Melbet Casino app, which has unique things and is recognised as the best in its class. The most important thing is stability and this is the main feature of this casino. You can be sure that the game will be fair and you will get your winnings. If you are a newcomer, you don't have to play for money. There is a section of demo versions of games where the game is just for an account. You can practice and only then start betting. After your next wager, we recommend that you check out the casino section.

Live Casino Melbet

The Melbet app live casino is a great opportunity to play with other users and compete in your capabilities. The live casino in the Melbet app is a great opportunity to play with other users and compete in your skills. Here you will find games from providers such as:

  • Evolution;
  • Lucky Streak;
  • Absolute Live Gaming;
  • TV Bet;
  • Vivo Gaming;
  • Ezugi.

If you want to participate in tournaments, then this is the optimal solution for you, in which you can find many interesting opportunities. A real dealer on the other side of the screen is a unique opportunity to experience a wide range of emotions from the game. If you want to download Melbet, we strongly advise against using third-party links from unverified resources.

Most common questions from Melbet app users

🏏  How to download the Melbet app for Android for free?

There are two ways, you can get it from the official website or from us, there is a download link in the header of this page. The download procedure will start automatically.

🏏  How to install the Melbet APK app on Android?

Once you've downloaded the app to your phone, you can install it. Click on the app and the installation process will start in standard mode. Next you need to launch the app, register and log in.

🏏  Why is it better to play in the casino through the application?

Through the app on your mobile device, you will be notified of news and promotions as well as bonuses. The app will be faster and more stable than the mobile version.

🏏  Can I download the Melbet app for iPhone?

At the moment there is no solution for iOS, please use the mobile version of the website which is no different from the app. We are planning to launch Melbet app for iPhone soon.

🏏  What slot machines are there at Melbet Casino?

At the moment we have more than 300 slot machines from best suppliers. New ones are added every month and the old ones are updated. Keep an eye out for updates but even now you will find a slot to your liking.

🏏  Why Trust Melbet Casino?

This casino is officially licensed and has not been caught cheating. The main thing is the withdrawal of the money you've won and there's no problem with that. The administration takes great care of their reputation and if there are any problems, they try to solve them quickly.

Ravindran Kannan : June 7, 2023
Ravindran Kannan - Website editor-in-chief. A professional sports journalist who has worked for major sports portals in India, particularly cricket, football, baseball and others. His views are listened to by many players.

Website editor-in-chief. A professional sports journalist who has worked for major sports portals in India, particularly cricket, football, baseball and others. His views are listened to by many players.


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  • Ritvik Uddin ★★★★★

    I like Melbet because its website is well designed and the selection of events is great. And the odds are good too, you can bet. The design is cool and it's nice to welcome new users with bonuses).
  • Saihaj Raghavan ★★★★

    No claims to MelBet. I have been betting on Melbet for a long time now. It is a great office and I would recommend it to others. It won't let me down.
  • Pranay Goyal ★★★★

    Melbet is my favourite bookmaker Betting on sports is my great weakness. My family didn't support the betting hobby for a long time, as I wasted most of my budget in bookmakers. But with Melbet the situation has changed. Now I earn money from betting! The
  • Chahna Murthy ★★★★★

    Thanks to everyone who advised me to download the Melbet app! I am more satisfied with this application than with anyone else that I have used before. You may not see anything special at first glance, but when you start placing bets, you will immediately
  • Taksh Bose ★★★★★

    As it turned out, sports betting is a great way to earn extra money! The main thing is to choose the right sport and find a reliable bookmaker with a wide coverage. I know football best, so I chose it. But it wasn't so easy with the bookmaker. I had to lo
  • Saatvik Sule ★★★★★

    There has been a problem with the slashing of limits on Melbet. What surprised me was the gradual increase in this threshold. The tech support immediately explained that the office reserves the right to consider this value and the player has no way to inf
  • Vihaan Varma ★★★★★

    Melbet technical support pleasantly surprised me. In other similar offices just a learned script set by administration that obviously isn't aimed at solving disputes with players. In Melbet they solved the problem with the wrong bet in 15 minutes! Where e
  • Durga Patel ★★★★★

    I have already got used to betting on sports only with the Melbet bookmaker. I don't want to take the risk of trying out a partnership with another bookmaker, as it could be really dangerous for my budget. And Melbet is an old "partner" in betting, you ca
  • Bhavin Saini ★★★★★

    I have learned from personal experience that you can play at MelBet without worrying! The 3rd month of betting and no problems with limits, withdrawals and security service of the bookmaker office! MelBet is the best in terms of functionality! The line is
  • Rudransh Swami ★★★★★

    I read the feedback. they do not give withdrawal, cut, raised, etc., etc., I do not know how anyone, but brought 8000, plus a bonus of 100%, initially did not work, lost about 1000. OK, then won back 1300. OK, I think the same reviews read, write lochotro
  • Hridaan Pandya ★★★★★

    The game can go differently, but I trust my intuition and so far it hasn't let me down. The app is ok!
  • Daksh Vyas ★★★★★

    Bonuses and promotions are present, these promotions are important to me, you can play normally with them.
  • Brahma Pagination ★★★★

    Completely satisfied, great and reliable office without any extra hassles. I'm very pleased with the bonus I get for registering. I'm very happy with the bonus. Immediate replenishment and withdrawal always comes quickly to my card. I make bets and have a
  • Hanita Chatterjee ★★★★

    I had no luck to win in betting until I found a trader for forecasts, I work with him buying forecasts and give him the account for promotion. I have raised about 280k from the 63k I had in 5 days, in the last couple of days I bought 20 forecasts and out
  • Chaitali Aggarwal ★★★★★

    Great office! High odds, fast withdrawal. For me there is another plus - the biggest selection of events. I have been registered here for more than half a year and I don't plan to change the bookmaker, I like everything!
  • Faiyaz Bhalla ★★★★★

    As everywhere else there are pros and cons, but at least here everything is clear and transparent. Good odds and fast withdrawal to the card. This is a reliable and stable company. I will continue to bet and enjoy the service.
  • Chahna Madan ★★★★★

    Betting on your favorite football game makes it twice as fun to watch. We have been going hand in hand with Melbet for half a year now. The bookmaker is well established and definitely worth the trust. The odds are normal, payouts are same day, technical
  • Sariq Dyal ★★★★

    "The pros: I like taking risks and Melbet is a good partner in this sense. High odds, great bonuses, no problems with withdrawal. A firm "A" from me, keep it up! "Cons: None.
  • Anala Uppal ★★★★★

    Thanks to my father-in-law for advising me to try Melbet. I used to use all kinds of illegal gambling sites for high odds, but when I won they didn't even pay me often. The odds are not bad here and I know I will get paid! I recommend it!
  • Eeshan Bhatt ★★★★★

    I tried to switch to other bookmaker's offices but I always come back to Melbet. There is different shit everywhere - they cut, they block, there are problems with withdrawal every time. I always come back to Melbet in the end. And if there is anything, t
  • Purab Bhardwaj ★★★★★

    I recently switched to Melbet. During that time the office has proved itself to be top notch. I like the fact that they don't block for no reason as they did with their previous firm. They don't cheat with the payouts. The day before yesterday I withdrew
  • Kalinda Bajaj ★★★★★

    I would like to know if there is still a melbet demo account? Didn't this used to be a feature of the bookmaker or is it just a real money game now? Now I bet through another app, I wanted to try this bookmaker, but I don't want to top up my account for money right away.
  • Chitaksh Ganguly ★★★★★

    Why is there little where working melbet india apk download? This site was the last one on the list and it's the only one with a working app, the rest are a scam and some fakes. Strange how google ranks sites.
    I installed this app on my second phone, everything works without any problems. I have been working with this bookmaker for a couple of months now. The main thing is that the payments are made without too many questions.
  • Advik Gill ★★★★★

    Cool melbet cricket app, at first I thought there was only one game but it turned out to be a full-fledged app!
    Bookmaker is stable, everything is fair and transparent. The choice of bets is always great, the odds are high, bets are calculated quickly and the limits are not cut. Withdrawals and deposits are quick by card. The website and app are handy, no need for mirrors.
  • Ritvik Sharma ★★★★★

    It's getting better and better every year. Variety of events not only for sports, good odds, one of the best lines for football. Great live game. I have already understood the site, I can even say that it is comfortable. Withdrawals and deposits are quick.

    Does anybody know about the melbet partners apk? Is it a separate app or is it all in one and you can invite your friends?
  • Tenaya Amble ★★★★★

    First of all they care about their customers, they run various promotions and give bonuses, the bookmaker has a mobile app and over the years they have made it very convenient and easy to use, there are fast and quality payments, a wide line, good live
    Only use melbet cricket app download.
    Huge selection of sporting events and not only. The ratios are almost always the highest. They do not cut limits, bets are calculated quickly and there is no cheating. User-friendly interface. In play and pre-match I have a good line with a wide spread. All is great in design and functionality. No problems with withdrawal.
  • Akarsh Gera ★★★★★

    Great bookmaker's office, I've been registered here for 5 years now. I play for fun, I don't bet tens of thousands, no blocking or cutting of limits, but when I win, all the money is withdrawn without problems and very quickly. I also do not have any problems with limit cutting.
    Wanted to know if anyone has had any melbet deposit problems this month? Can't deposit with credit card once a week, they say some kind of limit.
    Definitely the best of the best bookmakers. There is a solid bonus for newbies. A very handy and clear site. A wide line, both in pre-match and in play. There is a stable choice of bets, good keyfi. They do not cut, do not block. They are working clearly for their customers.
  • Johar Tella ★★★★★

    To say that the bookmaker is good is nothing to say, Stavka is an excellent bookmaker, knows his business and works with people honestly. I've been playing for a long time, there's always a huge range of interesting bets, high odds, low margins, withdrawal is quick. A wide line and an excellent spread on many interesting sports.
    Today melbet apk android download from your site, everything works just great! Thank you very much for updating your app.
  • Ivaan Chada ★★★★★

    Great bookmaker, one of the top three. I've been playing here for a long time and everything works out. I play here for a long time. Everything works out fine, the main thing is not to gamble. I withdraw money all the time, no problems have arisen, everything goes fast.
    I am especially happy about melbet online casino. Slots are very nicely decorated, I play there with my friends at weekends.
  • Anbarasi Lalit ★★★★★

    Who can tell 1win how to use bonus? I accidentally selected that I need a bonus for 1win casino and now when I deposit for sports betting the bonus doesn't go through. Is it now impossible to get bonuses for all sections on one account?
  • Anbarasi Bava ★★★★★

    The best, I've been convinced more than once. The withdrawal of money is instant, regardless of the amount.
    I have been recommended from the article melbet casino app download, a great option.
    Selection of events is excellent, they always offer a huge range of quotes, bets in live are taken and calculated instantly, excellent odds, promotions are always held with good bonuses and they can really be obtained. The line is one of the best.
  • Eeshan Garde ★★★★★

    Finally I am satisfied with my choice of bookmaker. All at the highest level, the withdrawal is instant, the maximums are not cut - everything is fair, bets are calculated quickly, good odds and promotions with not a crappy bonus, I checked it myself. I checked it myself. I have a good choice of events, line, live - everything is great.
    I have no problems with melbet free download, everything is virus-free and fast. You will not have any problems with it.
  • Hriday Patel ★★★★★

    I would like to say that melbet cricket betting is one of the few that are worthy of attention and appreciation. Always a chic selection of events, the line is simply the best, the live line is excellent, a lot of interesting promotions and they work. Very user-friendly interface, everything works clearly and honestly. I withdraw my winnings quickly without any obstacles.
  • Devansh Panchal ★★★★★

    Where is the information on how to use melbet deposit bonus? I understand from the description that they can't be withdrawn but only played with them. But I get the money I win on my balance and I can withdraw it, isn't that right?
  • Rudransh Bandi ★★★★★

    It's quite a decent bookmaker, I'm personally happy with everything, I like that there is a super express and a sweepstakes.
    It has good ratios and easy to use website interface. But often there are delays in payments, I don't know, it depends on the type of payment.
    Thanks for the update melbet India com apk download.
  • Ujjwal Joshi ★★★★★

    I have been a client of melbet for a long time. I trust this office with all of my betting.
    The office inspires a lot of trust, as it was not founded "not yesterday", but has been on the market for 15 years.
    Odds on events are quite acceptable and are not inferior to other betting companies. The line is good and rich with a lot of interesting events and not only sports.
    The melbet website has become even better and more functional this year. The deposit and withdrawal of funds is comfortable. I have never had any problem with withdrawal. Everything is honest and decent. Does melbet first deposit bonus get everyone immediately after registration? I would like to recommend this bookmaker to a friend.
  • Kanav Chaudhari ★★★★★

    Really, what they write here melbet apk india really works even on older phones. Been using it for a week now, thought it was going to be paid, but it refuses no, it's all free.