Best Betting Apps in India (February 2023)

logo 22Bet
10 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
350 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Rajbet
25 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
300 ₹
TBA Rating
logo 10Cric
5 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
10 ₹
TBA Rating
logo parimatch
8 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
50 ₹
TBA Rating
logo 1xBet
8 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
75 ₹
TBA Rating
logo 4raBet
20 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
100 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Fun88
10 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
500 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Bettilt
10 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
10 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Melbet
8 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
400 ₹
TBA Rating
logo 1win
25 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
150 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Megapari
9 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
150 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Dafabet
20 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
150 ₹
TBA Rating
logo indibet
10 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
150 ₹
TBA Rating

With the rapidly developing ISL, whose fan base is increasing year on year, the bookmakers are changing and evolving. There are now quite a few proven companies on the market that we recommend working with. It's hard to make a definite choice as to which are the best of the best, but it's definitely worth taking out the unequivocally bad ones.

If you choose an unproven bookmaker, you are at great risk of losing all your money. Many punters not only want to have fun, but they also want to win money. So it is recommended not to look for new platforms, but to trust the tried and tested ones.

Football is quite a gambling game, the dynamics and number of events per match can exceed 50 pieces. Separate bets can be placed on all of these events, so each one is quite unique. Not only professionals have been betting on this sport for a long time now, but amateurs and passionate fans love to support their team by betting on it. If a football team wins and a bet is played, it is double the joy!

Football Sport News (2023/02/04)

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  • ‘Ask him, he played with me’, says Mesut Ozil when asked about Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo cuts cake, takes part in birthday celebrations with Al Nassr teammates
  • Juventus need 40 points to avoid relegation, says Allegri
  • Qatar appoint Queiroz as coach until 2026 World Cup
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How to choose the Best Football Betting apps

Top Football betting apps share some common characteristics.

how a player can choose the best football betting app

Extend our list of things you should look out for when choosing a bookmaker:

  • Claim all welcome bonuses. This is a very important point for newcomers, it is with these free bonuses that you can learn to play and win;
  • Clear and fast cashback;
  • All data should be secure and the site should exist for a long time;
  • Licensed software;
  • Special license for bookmakers;
  • Fast response of the technical support team.

Not all football betting apps are to everyone's liking, so players choose the ones that suit them specifically. There are different preferences and betting specifics, these are subtleties that professionals are familiar with. If you're just starting out in betting, you can start with any of the apps on our list. Each has welcome bonuses to help you understand how to bet and make money.

What to look at while choosing the Best Betting apps

Betting on the ISL is an important enough event as it only takes place once a year. So you have to be serious when choosing an app to start betting. Of course, the initial bonuses are very important, but there are more important things.

what to look at when choosing an application

Sports betting is a long term hobby, so you need to be confident in the platform you choose. Professionals already know what they want, but for newcomers you need to be clear:

  • Watch and research user reviews. You will come across fake reviews on many websites. It is quite possible that they are left by competitors or players who were unlucky enough to win. You don't need to pay attention to such, concentrate on the main points;
  • User-friendly interface. This applies not only to the moments of betting, but viewing online matches and clear withdrawal of the balance;
  • Contacts for technical support. It is not always possible to ask questions in the personal office, so there should be at least an email where you can ask questions;
  • Study the rating on various sites. Many sites rate betting sites differently, but the average top 10 is always the same;
  • Sufficient number of types of bets and odds. Football is quite an interesting game and there are many things to bet on, so pay attention to that. With normal bets, it will be quite boring to watch the game.

Hopefully you now know more about betting apps and will be able to make better choices. We're not done yet and we're still going to talk about the specifics of the business.

What Bonus can be obtained in the Betting apps

The main bonuses that new players get are called "Welcome Bonuses", they are very generous for when you learn how to bet. For older players, the main ones are cashbacks and all sorts of weekly events.

what bonus does the player receive through the application

What bonuses can a player get when choosing any of the football betting platforms:

  1. Rookie bonuses or welcome gifts. There is a real war brewing between the different platforms, all trying to give as many bonuses as possible. They start with simple ones, for the first deposit, to tiered bonuses. So this is an important step to start betting on football;
  2. Cashback bonuses. These are mostly based on the amount you deposit or the amount of money you spend on bets. It's very handy to be in the black even if your bets don't play out;
  3. Free bets on certain events. These bets are given for completing tasks or on special events dedicated to ISL. With these, you can get money completely free of charge;
  4. Special promotional codes. Sometimes bookmakers give away quite tasty codes, with which you can top up your balance for free or get free bets;
  5. Friend Invitation Programme. A basic referral programme to attract your friends and acquaintances. Along with registering a friend you get a cash reward, which you can withdraw or use the money to make even more successful bets on football.

For more information, check the "Bonuses" section in each platform. Please note that some offers are only valid for a limited time and you have to fulfil all the conditions to receive the gift.

How to start Betting via the Mobile app

All proven bookmakers have apps for Android, some also for iOS and certainly all have an adaptive version of the website for all devices, through which you can bet on football.

First you have to download and install the app from a special page on our website. Launch the app and go through the registration process. If you do not have a phone handy or do not want to bet on a third-party app, you can register from a normal computer. Installing the app is not a prerequisite, so an account can be created for all platforms.

how to make the first bet via the app

After launching the app for the first time, you will need to do some registration. To do this, you need to fill in the following fields approximately:

  • Last name, First name;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Phone number or email;
  • Choose a convenient method of payment;

The fields may vary, but in essence they are all the same. These are the basic details you need to successfully register. Check your details before registering, it will be very difficult to change them later and it could result in losing all the money you win!

After a successful registration it is time to make a deposit. Go to the "Balance" section, there choose a payment platform from: PayPal, Google Pay, Visa/Mastercard, Neteller and others that you are comfortable with. Enter the amount and make the payment from your account. Once you have money in your account, which is almost instantaneous, you can start betting.

As you can see, you will spend more time reading this article than all the procedures we describe here. Which means that there is nothing complicated about betting on football.

Best ISL Betting apps

This is a very significant year in the world of football for the people of India. The best teams from all over India play in the ISL and the stakes on their wins and losses are huge. Some odds are as high as x10 and one can win a fortune in a single bet. 

Of course, many people are now wondering what ISL is all about and why there is such a frenzy around them.

list of the best football betting apps

The ISL is the Indian Super League, the highest league for professional footballers. Every football club in India tries to get into it. It's where the most spectacular games and fierce rivalries between teams are played. More than 500,000 spectators and that's just in India. All this greatly attracts gamblers to try their luck. Mostly football betting is done through platforms:

  • MelBet
  • Megapari
  • 1xBet
  • 4raBet
  • RajBet

We recommend these bookmakers, they have been tested for years and have never let you down. You may find some other sites, but you'd better stay with these ones. You have to understand that betting on sports is, first of all, money and you have to take into consideration the following things:

  1. Transparent bets and results. The bets should always be clear and the winning conditions should be clear so that everything can be checked. There should be fair play with a level playing field;
  2. Quick bets. The process of betting on football should be instant, basically a betting delay of no more than 3 seconds. This is enough time for the event not to end yet, and for your bet to play;
  3. Absence of fatal mistakes. No one wants your bets to go to zero or something to go wrong in the middle of the game. So you have to look at the total number of errors, there should be none at all. If they happen, the bookmaker must compensate for the losses.

These are the high requirements that an ISL betting app has to impose. Without these basics, betting will only bring disappointment and we want you to earn and enjoy football.

How to choose Betting apps ISL

Betting on the ISL is virtually no different from the rest. All of the applications meet the right requirements and allow you to make money betting on football. We'll cover the specifics, but they apply to other sports as well, so they'll be useful to everyone.

how a player can choose the best isl betting app

You have decided to bet on ISL or another sport where the stakes are high. The first things you should be interested in are:

  • How to deposit and how to withdraw. This is a basic point for any betting, you should understand that popular payment methods must be available, otherwise you won't be able to withdraw your money;
  • The functionality of the personal cabinet. The app should make everything clear to you at a glance. There should be help links for some complex elements, where everything will be explained in more detail;
  • Technical support. Problems can happen to anyone, so don't assume you don't need it;
  • Valid certificates and licences. If you see that you are on a suspicious site, then get out of there right away. It may be a scam site.

These are very simple points that anyone can do. There are a lot of ISL betting enthusiasts in India and they all want the process to be easy and profitable. We recommend using the app specifically if it is possible on your phone.

What should the player look at while choosing ISL Betting apps

Professional players have already learned how to choose their own betting apps and in the midst of the ISL they don't have to worry about it. New players, on the other hand, find it difficult to choose, as all apps are very similar and offer almost the same opportunities.

what a newbie should look at when choosing an application

It's for new players that we want to share our experience to help you choose a good football betting app and not get cheated.

  • The year the bookmaker was founded. Trust only the old platforms, they have earned their reputation over the years and definitely want to exist for a long time to come. When dealing with money, you will be sure that these bookmakers are the ones who can make a full withdrawal of all the money you have earned;
  • Generous gifts. Bonuses should be clear and given to all new players. This should give a positive first impression of the app itself;
  • Privacy and data security. The site and app must necessarily use HTTPS and encrypt your data. The license must be up to date;
  • Notification of important events. If you are not even interested in the daily newsletters, you should be notified of cancelled matches that you have bet on in advance.

All very important points to enjoy betting on football. Hopefully, newcomers will be able to cope with these simple points and make the right choice.

What Bonus can be obtained for ISL Bets

Giveaways are a must for any bookmaker for ISL betting. Gamblers are hardly surprised by anything anymore, but trust us, there are some of the best offers you've never heard of on the best platforms.

what bonus does the player receive through the application

All of the betting apps we recommend offer such bonuses:

  • Instant First Deposit Bonus. Not even something to talk about, it's a standard gift that at least doubles your balance. In many sites, you can use it more than just once;
  • Betting gifts. These are basically opportunities to bet without spending any money from your deposit, but still win real money. 
  • Extra bonuses for friends. You can tell your friends about the app and bet together. The extra bonus money you get for inviting them can be spent not only on ISL bets, but also in the casino.

It's all very healthy and saves you money. As you can see, the bookmakers are doing all they can to ensure that you not only enjoy watching football, but that you make money from it as well. It is recommended to make real big money on ISL matches and that is where to invest your bonuses.

How to complete the registration via the app

Registering on a football betting app is not much different from registering on any other website. The important point we want to make is that you must be over 18 years old.

Some bookmakers allow you to upload documents to confirm your identity and allow you to withdraw the money you have earned from betting.

registration through the application

Let's go through the virtual registration with you and point out some things to pay attention to.

At the very beginning you have to give your name, date of birth and phone number, and optionally your e-mail address. All these data is required for registration and do not try to enter any data that does not exist, then you will be blocked from withdrawing money.

After entering your personal data, you must verify your phone, then you may need full verification with proof of identity and then you will need a passport. 

All these rules are devised to avoid dealing with scammers so that ordinary players don't suffer from them.

Top Betting apps in India

Let's summarise some general points about the information we have gathered for you. You have a lot to consider when choosing an app, but remember that you can bet through them not only on football, but also on other sports and even on cyber sports.

best india mobile apps for football betting

For India, choosing the best bookmakers is the way to go. Once again, let us remind you of the list of best apps:

  • Rajbet;
  • 4rabet;
  • Melbet;
  • 1xbet;
  • Megapari;

Trust us, we bet every day and do checks on every app. All you have to do is pick the one you like best for the secondary factors as the main points are taken into account in each of these apps.

1xBet India

This bookmaker has a large network of not only online sites, but also offline outlets where you can bet on sports. All international sporting events can be bet on in this app. Are you a fan of cricket, football, football, baseball, then 1xbet app is for you. Of course, this is just a small list of sports games.

Residents of India are always waiting for separate gifts. 1xbet has a special attitude towards this region and is very fond of its players. 

We have the current version of the app on our website, registration is as usual. But we will focus on some of the features:

  • A special approach to controlling betting types. You won't find any bets that aren't understood here;
  • Excellent live streaming of games. Almost all games can be viewed live and bet immediately;
  • Huge bonuses, which you will definitely get;
  • Round the clock support service.

By choosing the 1xbet app, you choose a reliable football betting platform!

4raBet India

Now let's talk a bit about 4raBet, an app that also keeps up with all the current trends and gives a storm of positive emotions for betting on sports. The popularity of this app grows year after year, and for good reason.

Let's run through the highlights you'll find in 4raBet:

  • Deposit withdrawals with no fees;
  • Cashback for all users. You have to follow certain rules to get them, then you will have extra money to bet;
  • Bonuses for Indians. Yes, that's right, if you are an Indian citizen, you will be offered a choice of special gifts;
  • Ultra fast betting during live broadcasts;
  • It is possible to save your favourite teams to your favourites.

You can explore all the features on a separate page of our website, which is dedicated exclusively to the 4raBet app.

Melbet India

The app is multifunctional, in addition to football betting you can find a casino section with a large list of games of all kinds. Professional gamblers love this app because it has a very simple betting interface and you can play casino games in your free time.

An interesting mode that only this app has is esports. This section will surprise you a lot and by the way there is also cyber sports betting. A very popular trend these days.

So feel free to install this app and place your bets. It's a reliable platform that will reward you with initial bonuses and guide you into the world of sports betting.


Now on to the perfect app designed specifically for India. Rajbet app that is designed for football betting and there is no doubt about it.

Immediately nice gifts for newcomers and beautiful colorful design does not leave anyone indifferent. I would like to make a special mention of the easy deposits and withdrawals specifically for the Indian market.

That is exactly why you can love this application because of the technical support in the native language. It solves all problems. Another plus is the built-in casino with most popular games. So it's safe to recommend this app for the local market!

Megapari India

And here we really have the jewel of all betting platforms. For all football lovers at once, a bonus of up to Rs 9,000 Indian rupees. You just go through a standard registration and you get such a gift on your first deposit.

Of course, for experienced players, there are a bunch of interesting events on which you can get a lot of bonuses.

Another thing you'll notice is that the app is as fast as the mobile version of the site. This shows very good optimization of the platform for all the clients. All this makes betting on football with the Megapari app even more enjoyable.

Top ISL Betting Apps 2022

There's nothing stopping you from starting to bet via the ISL football league apps. All the platforms we've told you about, which are:

  • Rajbet;
  • 1win;
  • 1xbet;
  • 4rabet;
  • Melbet;
  • Megapari;

All of them are up to date at all times. We try to add to our list of trusted sites so that you can choose the football bookmaker of your choice.

So get your knowledge together and start betting on the Indian Super League, which will bring you a lot of excitement and money. For this you can choose any app you find on our website, they are all verified and completely safe.

How to Download Betting Apps on Android (.apk)

All betting applications for Android are distributed through APK files. This is a file of the app itself, which has to be installed. In rare exceptions these platforms can be found on Google Play Market and not in all countries. For people from India we recommend to download the files either from our website or from the official website of the platform. This way you can be sure that your data is safe.

Once downloaded, such files will mostly end up in the download section of your device. If you have any problems when downloading check your internet connection, the applications do not take up much space, so there are mostly no problems.

If the download was successful, let's move on to the installation on Android.

The instruction of installing the apps on Android

The process of installing an apk file is no different to installing an app from Google Play. You simply click on the file and the installation proceeds as normal.

Depending on the make of your phone and version of Android you may be asked to confirm the installation from unverified sources. This setting can be changed under "Privacy" or applied separately for each installation. Additional virus checks are possible, but should be successful.

After successful installation, an icon will appear on the desktop to launch the betting application. Launch it and dive into the wonderful world of football betting. 

If you still can't install the app, you can use the mobile version of any bookmaker's website.

How to download Betting Apps on iOS

Owners of iOS powered iPhones and iPads are out of luck if they are residents of India. You won't find sports betting apps in the official shops. We in turn recommend using the mobile version of the bookmaker. All platforms offer adaptive sites for football betting.

Some bookmakers operate in regions such as Africa where sports betting and other gambling is legally allowed. You just need to change the region in your phone settings and you will have such apps. But we recommend that you use your trusted betting browser.

FAQ football Betting Apps

⚽  How to download football betting apps on Android?

We have a separate page for each verified app, on which you will find a link to download the current version of the bookmaker in an APK file.

⚽  How to download betting apps on iOS?

This is almost impossible, so you're better off using the mobile version of the sports betting platform.

⚽  How is the app installed on Android?

The whole installation is automatic, you just have to run the downloaded apk file for football betting and wait for the icon to appear on your desktop.

⚽  What bonus can be received for the first deposit?

Depending on the bookmaker you choose, the bonus will vary. Some only give a bonus for the first deposit, but many give a bonus even for the fifth deposit.

⚽  How can the deposit be made?

The balance is topped up in your personal cabinet. You need to choose a deposit method and amount, after the operation the money will be credited to your account.

⚽  What bookmakers are legal in India?

Completely legal and have the appropriate licenses. One limitation, you have to be 18 years old at the time of registration.

⚽  Can I trust the bookmakers from this ranking?

We trust all bookmakers, which we list and through which we bet on football.

⚽  What bookmaker is the most reliable in India?

We recommend choosing the international bookmaker 1xbet or another bookmaker of your choice. All of them are worthy to be in the ranking of the best.

⚽  How to start placing bets on football and other kinds of sport?

After installation and registration, you make a deposit in the application you have chosen. Under the sport section, you select football. You will then be presented with a list of current events and matches on which you can bet. If you are a beginner, start with simple types of bets and small amounts.

Ravindran Kannan : September 2, 2022
Ravindran Kannan - Website editor-in-chief. A professional sports journalist who has worked for major sports portals in India, particularly cricket, football, baseball and others. His views are listened to by many players.

Website editor-in-chief. A professional sports journalist who has worked for major sports portals in India, particularly cricket, football, baseball and others. His views are listened to by many players.



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