How to download 1xBet Mobile App on Android?

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In this article we will briefly evaluate the 1xBet app. It's a huge platform that operates in over 50 countries and is known by a very wide range of players amongst the internet. It all started in Russia and through marketing and advertising campaigns the firm has been able to become international. 

But this popularity had a downside. The platform started attracting the attention of the government, where gambling is banned by local laws. India was no exception. Therefore, in order to constantly be able to access the platform is recommended to add our site to bookmarks. We always have up-to-date links to work with this platform.

In other countries the app is legal, for example in Africa where the platform sponsors local sports games and helps develop sports like football.

  • To get around the bans, the platform has developed many variations of 1xbet apk and we will talk about them below. Basically everyone uses such programs:
  • iOS and 1xbet for android mobile app;
  • 1xWin desktop app for Windows and MacOS;
  • 1xWin for desktop on Linux;
  • 1xBrowser" Windows/MacOS proprietary browser;
  • Desktop app "1xBet App", you need it to access a mirror link to the website at any time;
  • An advanced Telegram bot, in which you can bet directly in the messenger.

But the most convenient remains the mobile app in bookmaker 1xbet format for download in India. This app is very valuable as it has all the functionality for basic betting and is completely free.

How to install 1xBet APK Mobile App on Android?

Installing the app is easy. You get a ready-made 1xbet apk file and just have to install it. Your gadget may ask for permissions to install from unverified sources, but you can fully trust our app. It asks for minimal permissions.

But if you still don't know how to do it, let us tell you. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to change your mobile phone settings:

  1. Go to your phone's settings
  2. Click on the section related to "Privacy", or you can find it through a search
  3. Set the download permission on any device you want

After that, you can safely try to install the app. And remember that the app doesn't ask for access to your contacts, personal details etc.

How to download 1xBet Mobile App on iOS?

launch 1xbet application on iphone live betting on 1xbet on iphone registration in the 1xbet application on iphone

Now on to players who use iPhones and iPads. Of course, you'll try to just go to the AppStore and find 1xbet app for iphone India there, but it won't be there as it's banned.

Android users are very lucky in this regard, and they can already bet without thinking about bans. Let's find out what you should do.

If you own an iOS device with at least 9.3, everything should work on iPhone 6 and above, even the iPhone X,X Plus,XR,SX,SE etc.

Maybe when you try to download you will be redirected to the mobile browser version of the site, this is due to the fact that the iOS app is currently being updated. You have to wait a little while until we update the app for you. 

How to install 1xBet Mobile App on iOS?

1xbet in app store

If you do manage to download the 1xbet app store, we will quickly tell you how to do so and how to launch it. You don't want to buy a separate Android phone just for betting? But of course it's an interesting option.  Here's a quick tutorial:

  1. Go to options mode on your gadget
  2. Next, the profile options
  3. Now AppStore&iTunes options.
  4. In this section Apple ID options
  5. Next change your account region, for example to Africa

1xbet rating in app store

Now you can find the app in the AppStore and install it. After installing it, change the region back. All installed apps will remain and you will be able to bet through the official app, which will run smoothly.

Mobile Version of 1xBet India

1xbet mobile site version

If you don't want to think about any apps, then the mobile version of the platform is for you. No app installations, no rubbish on your phone, no security issues. Just a browser and the desire to bet, then this option is definitely for you.

Of course, if you use the platform site all the time, it might not be available in your area. Therefore, it is better to install some kind of VPN in advance. The most popular and effective ones right now are:

  • Windscribe
  • Speedify
  • TunnelBear
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Proton VPN
  • Browsec
  • HideMe
  • Avira Phantom VPN
  • PrivateTunnel

In any case, please add our site to your bookmarks and we will provide you with an up-to-date website address so that you can bet whenever it is convenient for you.

What makes the mobile app different from the 1xBet mobile version?

Let's face it, functionally these forms are the same. There are slight differences, but they are there nonetheless. At the very least, the app 1xbet company allows you to quickly launch your personal account and place your bets straight away. And you always have the current version of the website at your fingertips. The main advantages of the app:

  • The ability to enable fingerprint security to protect your balance;
  • Faster streaming performance;
  • The app is always at your fingertips, no need to search for the betting tab in your browser;

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Use any way you like for cricket betting, as long as you enjoy it.

System Requirements for Android

1xbet android system requirements

  • Cost – Free
  • Category – Gambling
  • OS needed – Android 6 or higher
  • Size – 50.3MB
  • Current Version – 7.0.3.
  • Release Date – 2022, February 5
  • Downloads – 500 000+

System Requirements for iOS

1xbet ios system requirements

  • Cost – Free
  • Category – Sports
  • Size – 78,9MB
  • Requirements for OS – iOS 9 or higher
  • Provider – «1XCorp N.V.»
  • Applicable devices – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch

Most common questions from 1xBet app users

🏏  Is it possible to download App for free?

All applications are free at all times. If someone tells you that they are paid, then stay away from these places.

🏏  What the versions of OS Android are supported in 1xBet?

From Android version 7 and above. But we recommend that you have a modern phone so that you can fully enjoy your betting experience.

🏏  How to proceed an enter to 1xBet Mobile App?

If you haven't already, install and follow the instructions. You may need to reread the articles on the website again to understand how and what to do.

🏏  What is the minimum deposit here?

The minimum bet is $1 at the local exchange rate. With good beginner bonuses, you will have more money to bet.

🏏  How to make a deposit via 1xBet Mobile App?

After starting the app there is a big Deposit button, so it can also be under Account. And all the top-up options are there.

🏏  What is the minimum withdrawals in India?

The formula is simple, minimum deposit plus 50 cents. Total 1.5 USD to withdraw.

🏏  How to withdrawal in India?

Easy! Your Account —> Balance —> Withdrawal —> Payment Method. Wait and soon all the money will be transferred to your account.

Ravindran Kannan

Website editor-in-chief. A professional sports journalist who has worked for major sports portals in India, particularly cricket, football, baseball and others. His views are listened to by many players.


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  • Sahil Murty

    At first I thought there were only a few sports. But after I registered at 1xbet, I realized that there are more than 100 sports. You can play there forever, if you have enough money, of course. Sometimes I just watch live broadcast without betting, also
  • Himmat Persaud

    Thanks to the author of the site, explained everything. Bought a separate android phone to install 1xbet apk and everything worked the first time. I used to read instructions on other websites and it was so easy. Some kind of magic.
  • Kushagra Om

    1xbet is a good app, won some good money at 1xbet, I recommend it! It has fast payouts, no good configurations, everything is stylish and the app is not lagging. Only at first I couldn't figure out what's what, but then somehow I adapted and all is good.
  • Shashi Uddin

    I have been playing at 1xbet bookmaker for half a year now. There used to be some glitches with the site, now they seem to have fixed it. There are a lot of in-play translations in both tennis and APL. If you access via the browser of your phone, the live
  • Medhansh Tyagi

    Hello, I want to leave a small review for 1xbet, simply the best in the business! I do not understand people who do not like it! Withdrawal is instant, I had no problems! Support responds within five minutes, which can't be said about other companies! The
  • Yuvraj Brar

    1xbet betting company - Review of 1xBet betting company I have been a 1xbet betting company player for half a year now. Earlier there were faults with the site, now it works without any interruptions. Payment to the wallet quickly comes up to 10k. And in
  • Yug Bal

    I used to try a lot of ways to earn money on the Internet and stopped at just a few, I was registered at many BKs. I have always tried many other ways to earn money online. So far I have settled on 1xbet, which takes me a few hours a week. At the same tim
  • Viraj Gandhi

    I have been playing for about 10 years and I have not had any problems with betting or withdrawal. The only thing in recent times the deposit fee is a percentage and the withdrawal can take up to a day, but as I understand it does not depend on the office
  • Reyansh Babu

    I've been using 1hbet recently. I can say that I bet a lot, yes, the odds are a little different from those of other bk's, somewhere more or less. With such a wide sports line like 1hbet, I've started to look wider myself. I used to bet only on football,
  • Purab Menon

    Very many years ago I registered at this bookmaker's office. Great bookmaker's office.Quite often I withdraw good sums here. I get the money quickly after the transfer and I don't have any problems with it. I also withdraw the money without any problems.
  • Vivaan Butala

    Sports betting has become my job. Every day I study the news and bet via 1xbet on football. It's a wonderful site to make money and have fun on.
  • Ranbir Upadhyay

    I love live betting and the 1xbet app gives me that opportunity. I recommend it to everyone, just try it, it's free!
  • Navodit Divan

    I really like betting on football and MMA. I used to bet only on cricket, but I got bored and want to try something new. When registering they gave me a huge bonus straight away, I wasn't expecting that kind of money. Now I understand why people recommend
  • Varoun Patla

    A lot of people have written that I can't make withdrawals, but maybe this is already a bank problem? I withdraw to my bank account and within 30 minutes the money is in my account, sometimes you withdraw for a whole day, but I do not see any problems.
  • Saksham Kumar

    I do not have a big bonus as promised. But already in the first hour two of my bets won, and I didn't care about bonuses anymore! 1xbet is the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • Mahavira Goda

    1xbet is TOP! Best mobile app, fast and not slow like others. Thanks to the support team, I did not immediately understand how to withdraw, everything was explained to me immediately.
  • Himesh Agarwal

    It's been exactly one year since I used 1x bet app. I play every night, I do not always win but it gets better and better every time. So now I have stable earnings.
  • Shlok Mathur

    At first I doubted it was a working scheme with 1xbet. I actually had a different account on a different platform, but tried 1xbet and stayed with it. I think it's the best solution, by the way there is withdrawal directly to online banking!
  • Shashi Wable

    Hello. First time I was afraid that after uninstalling and installing the new APK version my account would be deleted, but no everything is in place. Thank you.
  • Anaka Handa

    I can't say anything bad in two years of using the app. Went to the website to download the current version and tell me about my experience. There have been no problems in that time. I bet through the 1xbet app on my business trips.
  • Himesh Grover

    Thanks so much for the up to date version 1xbwt looked for a long time and couldn't find it. And here it's all in one place!
  • Shayak Taneja

    Wrong bet on football, I thought I lost money but I contacted 1xbet live chat and my bet was cancelled. So don't be afraid to report a problem straight away and they will solve it in 30 minutes.
  • Sareeq Wadhwa

    Searched the internet for all sorts of 1xbet hack nothing, so just download the app and play at your pleasure. By the way double bonuses are there for those who go straight to top up in the casino section.
  • Divyansh Parikh

    Went to 1xbet home page via your website, but for some reason the registration didn't go through immediately, although I confirmed the email. I was able to register through support, there was some kind of problem with them.
  • Udayan Rajan

    Thanks for the apps everything works, deposit 1xbet now learn how to bet and play a little casino in my spare time.
  • Atharva Ganesh

    Now I bet exclusively on esports 1xbet it's really more interesting than the old sports. Sometimes the odds are 1 in 20 that doesn't happen in regular sports games.
  • Samar Butala

    Have searched differently for a betting site, why is the actual data shown by querying betx1. But that's not the main thing, I have a big deposit there for withdrawal! There's really a lot of money to be made on betting.
  • Samarth Dua

    I registered on 1xbet login link and got my first bonus. Lost everything at the casino, now I'm going to bet, I'm not having any luck at the casino. But app is very good!
  • Tenaya Dey

    I don't understand, what is 1xbet app? It's not different from the mobile version or am I confused about something. I'll try to download from this site, maybe it's a really good app.
  • Aarush Chad

    1xbet in app has a powerful tool that many legal and foreign betting companies do not have - the movement of odds. You can track how the quotes have changed since the opening of the line. I have a gambling strategy based on this and know that many bettors
  • Gambhira Tella

    Lucky chance brought me to you, found you on 1xbet free download and I've been dragging in the plus side for three months now. It's all due to the cool and wide line, plus the odds are as high as possible. I find more real outcomes that other bookmakers j
  • Shaili Nayar

    Phone apps are certainly good, but isn't there a handy separate 1xbet windows app. Yes, you can work via the browser, but I would like a separate program purely for the personal computer. I think there used to be software in a special section, but now it
  • Medhansh Raji

    Have been searching the internet for a long time for information on1xbet app is legal in india, thanks for explaining everything. I was afraid to use it, now I'll be able to place my bets with peace of mind.
  • Gauransh Mital

    As always 1xbet india apk Is bribing with its reputation and bonuses. They're always luring with it, but that's a good thing. Of course, the choice of sports and the spread is a lot higher than that of other bookmakers. It's a great bookmaker's office, th
  • Ohas Bains

    Downloaded 1xbet app india, everything works without any problems. Installed it and registered. Question, does anyone have any current deposit promo codes?
  • Sareeq Wable

    1xbet com app stands out from the rest of the other houses in that it's full of all sorts of promotions and bonuses. There's always something interesting in plenty. They always give out free bets for birthdays, and there are additional bonus offers for al
  • Vivaan Mathai

    I bet every day via 1xbet betting app. Everything works perfectly, no delays. I initially started out with small bets at 1xbet around $200. I gradually got confident in the reliability of the company in terms of money matters. Now I managed to try differe
  • Aayush Choudhry

    About 1xbet app I've been around for over a year. I've been catching all the matches I want. I have been catching all the matches I want and sometimes I can get a good edge on the Mexican Championships. Odds are not low, as I prefer single betting. I have
  • Anala Nagpal

    Thanks for the 1xbet qr code, the app downloaded and installed immediately. Everything works without a hitch, I mainly bet on football, so wish me luck!
  • Chaitali Goel

    Is there nothing on the market for 1xbet ios? I don't want to buy a separate android phone and the mobile version is not convenient.
  • Ahaan Taneja

    Not a word in the article about 1xbet browser, although it used to work fine on Windows 10. It's been removed everywhere now. Although it was quite a handy app. Does anyone know why they don't support it anymore?
  • Virat Ghose

    I bet via 1xbet football app everything works fine, as long as there is internet of course. Especially like the fact that they've started accepting bitcoin cryptocurrencies.
  • Ananta Bhardwaj

    Best bookmaker is betx1 app, use it every day and make inserts. Everything is satisfactory. The main thing is to verify your account and then everything will be fine. There are a lot of schemes on the internet to make better bets, so you have to learn how
  • Nimit Dhillon

    Of course, it's not the most important thing for successful betting, but by the colours in the logo and somewhere partly on the website, the visual of it all is just my taste, you could even add a little more lilac.

    I was happy to sign up for the site, besides, don't miss out on the x1bet app honestly.

    Firstly, you can't get any new sites here, and secondly, this bookmaker's website, and its mobile version, is different from all the others, with a very high speed and a lot of unique offers that no other bookmaker has, in principle.
  • Kalinda Agate

    I hope now there will be no players on the site who are not able to control themselves in the game. In general, I'm all for continuing the tradition of promoting responsible gaming on 1xbet download app and therefore only welcome it, because it will actually help cool down some hotheads.

    Putting aside quite natural questions to the designers, I'm quite happy with this interface of the site. All odds are priced within the real market, support is always answering and trying to help in any situation.
  • Hunar Mahajan

    It turned out to be quite an interesting office. There are a lot of sporting events, there's even chess and cybersport, which is now almost more popular than football. But to be honest, I haven't bet on cybersport yet because tennis is my favourite offered here. Even those who are not big fans of the bookmaker note the competitive odds. I haven't had any noticeable problems with my bets. Haven't withdrawn any money yet, there's plenty to do and interesting things to do without that buzz.
  • Pranay Chander

    The fact that even with an ultra-modern speedy website, 1xbet download app is described as average, it's not a minus. Many bookmakers have the same set of features and sections. But you should also keep in mind that video streaming is not yet in full swing here. Registration is as usual as with other bookmakers. The website has a lot of information about events, statistics, form condition, analytics. Here on the site you can bet on a variety of over 32 sports. There's a popular cybersports section, there's martial arts, and sometimes there are odds that could argue for the title of the highest.
  • Shlok Dave

    1xbet office in india is a cool place with its pros and cons. I'd like to say right away that the pluses are clearly more)) For me it's the spread and the odds + good offline clubs, for me this is important as I often bet in them. Fair calculation. Of the minuses not enough line on cybersport
  • Nishith Mathur

    I have long been looking for where to make 1xbet update app as for me the main advantage of 1xbet is its reliability. It has been afloat for more than a year and has proved to be a decent bookmaker. Not a single incident in 3 years of active use. Top flight
  • Aryaman Chahal

    Thanks for the up to date 1xbet app link. I have been playing for a year no problems with payments, all in time, the site is worthy of your attention!
  • Dhanuk Warrior

    The line is completely satisfactory. 1xbet apps Totally legit, no problems logging in. I like the Checkers in the Statistics section for the 4 main sports. In other offices there are only simple tables. And here I also have Totals with averages. You don't need to calculate anything yourself. I don't bet in play often, mainly on matches with broadcasts.
  • Farhan Dalal

    I have always been happy with this bookmaker, I have not won a lot of money, I bet a lot until my friends told me to bet. From 1xbet download app works great, no lags.
  • Bhavin Thakur

    Do I understand correctly that the app is universal and you can bet there in 1xbet cricket app download? I've just seen somewhere that there are different apps, maybe I've misunderstood something. I will now try to download it and see what happens.
  • Virat Dutta

    Isn't there an official app for India on 1xbet play store? I think there used to be one and you could download it. It might have been a fake though. I downloaded it from this site and it works fine. But the question remains whether the app itself will be updated.
  • Gauransh Srini

    Not officially on google play, so 1xbet download app android can either be done from this site or already from the 1xbet mirror. This site just mirrors this app, so download anytime. Checked it on my phone and my friends, everything works as it should. Been betting for a couple of years now, everything is great.
  • Adhrit Naik

    At first I thought it was a fake on this site. Then it turned out to be 1xbet official app, just a copied copy. Very happy about that, thank you. Many sites try to impose viruses, but this one is clean.
  • Shaan Behl

    Is the website only for 1xbet app cricket or is it a full-fledged app with all betting?

    Old-school office and works for its players. For newbies there's a tasty bonus and verification is quick. Great selection of events, good odds, tempting interesting promotions , the line is chic and the spread is deep. Withdrawal is instant and no maximums are cut.
  • Chaitanya Pal

    Always a great selection of events and not just sports. The line is one of the best, the odds are good.Detailed statistics, bets are calculated quickly. Constant updates. It takes a minute to withdraw money.
    Does anyone have 1xbet app details, what parameters are needed there? I just have an old phone, don't know if the app will work or not.
  • Dhanuk Oza

    I keep telling you, it's a great office. Starting with the CPU, great guys, always in touch, always ready to help and advise. I updated my 1xbet cricket betting app download from the website today, it installed without any problems.

    I've got lots of events, good odds, great live betting, a wide line with a decent spread on many sports. Getting a win is not a problem.
  • Nirvaan Chaudhry

    Made 1xbet india download from your site, everything works as it should.

    Definitely one of the best bookmakers. Not greedy about the odds, not cutting the limits, betting calculations are correct. The selection of events is great, a lot of interesting stuff. I haven't had any problems with withdrawal.
  • Mahavir Srivas

    Had no problem getting 1xbet app download for android from your site. And why look for other ones now.
    I've been playing for two years on 1xbet and I'd say it's one of the best, there's no doubt about it. A bookmaker who knows how to attract and not lose players. They earn money themselves and give people the same opportunity. Good odds, a wide range of events, an excellent line with an in-depth spread. Participating in promotions you can get good bonuses. Withdrawal is quick, no problems.
  • Parv Engineer

    Dear author, is there any information somewhere on player performance in 1xbet?
    I have of course been playing for a long time, but I would like information on how other players behave.
    Definitely a bookmaker worthy of our attention. Always a great selection of events, user-friendly interface, wide line in play and pre-match. The mobile app works great as clockwork. I've withdrawn my winnings many times, no problems at all.
  • Tanmay Parmar

    I've been playing for many years, it's a great bookmaker, of course there are some nuances, but that's just the little things. Bk keeps the odds high, calculates bets honestly and quickly. Wide line with a deep spread in play and pre-match. There are no cuts and no withdrawals with no headaches.
    Do I understand correctly that this is 1xbet bookies india? Because I downloaded universal apps and there are no promotions that are specifically for Indians.
    I have a positive impression. I have been betting here for more than a year, I like the extensive line and good spreadsheets. I like that there is a bonus for the first deposit, my special bonus for this. I chose this office because they are official and the odds are good.
  • Navodit Bhatt

    Can 1xbet registration by phone number? Previously they seemed to only allow it by email, and I didn't want to start one just for that. Now I want to try again with this bookmaker.
  • Nalin Varughese

    Finally found where you can 1xbet download latest version without viruses.
    This is a company with a solid reputation, the service is good, no problems at all. You win, you get your winnings quickly and without any problems. Many interesting events, top-notch pre-match, high-quality live betting. Normal odds and limits not cutting.
  • Himesh Dayal

    Good selection of events, not just interesting football. Wide line on tennis and big limits. Normal odds and bets don't take long to settle. Slightly problematic to get your winnings, they pay out. But can come with delays.
    Does anyone know what 1xbet friday bonus rules are now?
  • Dhairya Baria

    I don't know why some users watch 1xbet player performance cricket. Learn to place your own bets and gain experience. No one can tell you how to make better money. And there will always be someone better.
    1xbet is a normal bookmaker, well designed website and app, plenty of information, no unnecessary . The selection of betting offers is good, the odds are normal, bets are calculated quickly. A wide line with a deep spread. Withdrawal without any problems.
  • Aryaman Chokshi

    I switched to 1xbet not so long ago, but I've already figured it out and decided to stay with them. The interface will be understandable on an intuitive level even for a beginner, an experienced player will get the hang of it in an hour. The event coverage is good, there is a lot to choose from. The odds are generally average: neither small nor large. I have heard more than once about the efficiency of their support but I have not come across it personally yet. They give you a freebet when you register. Registration, by the way, requires a passport.
    Today 1xbet apk free download from your site, everything works fine.