Best Betting Apps in India (December 2023)

logo 22Bet
10 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
350 ₹
TBA Rating
logo RajaBets
25 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
300 ₹
TBA Rating
logo 10Cric
5 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
10 ₹
TBA Rating
logo parimatch
8 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
50 ₹
TBA Rating
logo m88
8 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
50 ₹
TBA Rating
logo 1xBet
8 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
75 ₹
TBA Rating
logo 4raBet
20 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
100 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Fun88
10 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
500 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Bettilt
10 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
10 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Melbet
8 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
400 ₹
TBA Rating
logo 1win
25 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
150 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Megapari
9 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
150 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Dafabet
20 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
150 ₹
TBA Rating
logo indibet
10 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
150 ₹
TBA Rating
logo Rajbet
25 000 ₹
Minimum deposit
300 ₹
TBA Rating

The number of IPL betting offerings is now too high. But there are leaders in the market who have been successful since 2000 and still are. And since 2023, the popularity has only increased. 

The important point is to make the right choice of company so that you feel enjoyable and make some money. Otherwise you could lose your money and there is no guarantee of a return. So choosing a betting apps should be a priority for anyone who wants to enjoy the world of cricket gambling and try their hand at it.

Before we get into that question, I would like to mention why cricket? It's simple, Indians and cricket are one and the entire nation loves the sport. In any game, you can see the Indians unite and fight passionately for victory.

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To answer briefly: Yes, online casinos and online sports betting are completely legal throughout India. There are no federal laws that restrict the activities of online platforms.

how a player can choose the best cricket betting app

This article's legal material was prepared after thorough study and consultations with relevant legal authorities. We've done our best to provide an accurate response, but if you're looking for anything that's enforceable by law, we suggest speaking with a lawyer. We know that many of you have this worry, therefore we decided to produce this in-depth essay to address it and provide you with the best advice for gambling legally in India. Many individuals are perplexed by the ambiguous and imprecise language of Indian law regarding internet betting. All of us are excellent citizens who don't want to breach the law.

We have teamed up with Mr. Manoj Mishra, Senior Advocate in the Odisha State Bar Council, one of the foremost legal authorities on gaming in India, to provide you with the most accurate response possible. He will make an effort to provide us with the most legitimate and accurate information possible via our interview. Therefore, let's begin from the beginning.

We simply asked Mr. Mishra if gambling online was permitted in India. And this is what he said in response: "The legality of utilizing internet betting services in India is very murky. There is no mention of internet gambling in the Public Gaming Act of 1867."

We can infer from this response that internet gambling is not specifically forbidden by Indian gambling legislation. Instead, the Indian government has given the states the authority to determine whether to permit or forbid internet gambling inside their borders.When it comes to utilizing an internet betting site, we questioned Mr. Mishra if any Indian citizens had ever faced legal action. He replied:

We are positive that no Indian has ever been charged or convicted for accessing a gambling website.Most folks should feel at peace after hearing this response. It demonstrates that the government does not actively pursue those who wager online in India. Indian legislation governing online gambling is still debatable and convoluted.

Federal legislation and regional state laws can conflict. As a result, you will discover that many Indian legal specialists have unique perspectives on the law. We must assume that internet betting will continue to fall outside the legal ambit of ambiguity until the Indian government adopts a more precise set of legislation. Fortunately, we may find solace in the fact that no Indian has ever faced legal action, much less been found guilty, for utilizing an internet betting site.

How to choose the Best Cricket Betting apps

Surely you want a quick answer to the question which is the best betting apps for cricket in India? But in order to answer that question and find the best online applications, you need to understand their characteristics.

how a player can choose the best betting apps for cricket in india

Most important:

  • All new players are offered bonuses such as welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, online cricket betting in India free, top-up discounts etc;
  • Complete security of anonymity and a guarantee that your personal details will not be passed on to third parties and all the details you have earned will be cashed in any case;
  • Plenty of other sports other than cricket;

It is mandatory to have technical support, and for big players a personal manager.

You have to remember that everyone has different preferences and apps provide different features for easy cricket betting. You need to decide what is more important to you as the best apps may have different values. Some users need to bet in-play, while others can't live without live streaming. Therefore it is advisable to check what you need. Of course, you can use several betting apps at once and take the best from each.

What to look at while choosing the Best Betting apps

IPL betting apps offer many rewards not just for new players. Although they all boil down to attracting potential customers and encouraging older users to actively bet and use the platform.

what to look at when choosing an application

Despite the obvious differences we have described above, there are other important points to keep in mind as well, such as:

  • User feedback. Many apps try to provide fake reviews of fresh apps, all designed to deceive you, competitors may do the same thing, so always check the apps you wish to work with and make a wise decision;
  • Personal account interface. Modern interfaces should be simple and user-friendly, even a beginner should be able to figure out how to register, how to deposit and how to bet;
  • Contacts. All verified platforms have technical support that will help you at any time;
  • The overall rating of the apps, which are on different apps (you have to do a comparative analysis and look at all the reviews);
  • The odds and variety of bets the apps offers.
  • What Bonus can be obtained in the Betting apps

    IPL betting apps in general may offer a whole lot of rewards. All of them are introduced to attract potential members and stimulate the users to be more active while using the platforms.

    what bonus does the player receive through the application

    Let's talk about the most popular types of bonuses that users receive by registering on webapps:

    • Welcome bonus. This is a mandatory attribute of all platforms and is provided in different forms. Standardly it is some amount of money, a gift so that you can place a bet immediately, without having to enter your own money. If it is a multi platform and it has a casino, you will gladly be given a free bonus, but for cricket betting best app, it is better to invest it in wagers. In addition, the bonus can be credited when you deposit your balance on very favourable terms;
    • Deposit Bonus, no registration required. Then you'll be given extra money when you deposit, for example, by doubling your balance. This may work not only for the first deposit, but also for the second, third and so on;
    • Free bets. A great solution to test your ability and knowledge of the game of cricket;
    • Bonus codes and promo codes. If luck is on your side, you can find great promotional offers, save money and make a better bet;
    • Referral bonuses. You can earn money by inviting your friends to place bets. The more friends you invite, the more generous the rewards you get!
    • The important point is that the bonuses have their own terms and conditions of use. Make sure you read them before you start using the betting apps. This will help you calculate your chances and possibilities.

    And don't forget about the technical support that will help you 24/7 if you have any difficulties with cricket and other sports betting bonuses.

    How to start Betting via the Mobile app

    Betting apps cricket India (if it's a good one) are necessarily optimised to work with a mobile phone. The interface is simple and makes betting quick and easy. Let's explain in detail below how to get started.

    From the start you need to register before you can use the mobile version. You don't need to install any app, everything is available in your browser. Which protects you from fraudsters and is completely safe on your device. Any such apps should work on all mobile phones and should work correctly for everyone. If you are having any problems, there may be a problem with your internet connection.

    how to make the first bet via the app

    The best platforms offer quick and easy registration. Simply go to Sign-up, Registration or Join now (the name depends on the apps) and enter the basic details:

    • Your name;
    • Your date of birth;;
    • Country of residence;
    • Email address or phone number (this is important for user verification and communication with you);
    • Payment information (e.g. credit card details for deposits and withdrawals);

    This is the first and easiest step to become a full member of IPL betting enthusiasts. If you want more options, let us tell you what you need to do next.
    Step number two is to go to the "Deposits" section and put money for withdrawal to your account that you filled out earlier. This is also a simple step. But you should see which withdrawal methods are available at the moment, it may be popular POLi, Neteller, PayPal and etc. You can choose any one you like, and you are sure about it. There is no need to experiment with it. 
    After going through all the steps, you can make a deposit at the best cricket betting apps real money while getting the bonus we wrote about above. Next, choose the cricket games under the sports section. Select the event you want to bet on there. Select the terms and size of the bet. That's it! Enjoy the game and wait for the results! You are bound to get lucky.
    Our recommendation before you place a bet, make sure you are sure about the game you are betting on. You should probably get more reliable information and know the rules of cricket before you bet. Otherwise you could lose your money, so make an informed decision.

    All apps have real money cricket betting apps in India, so deposit with caution. You should not make large deposits if you are unsure of your abilities. This will save you money and nerves.

    Best IPL Betting apps

    There are quite a few events in the cricket world right now that are enjoyed by sports betting enthusiasts. Of course, the major events are IPL related and so it goes in 2023. According to expert predictions, this is the best year for betting.

    Before we tell you about the best apps to bet on IPL, we need to explain what it means.

    list of the best cricket betting apps

    This is the fifteenth season of the IPL in 2023. The games are played in a play-off format and a group stage. There will be ten participants in total and 74 matches. The important point is that there have never been ten teams playing since 2011. This is a very big event for betting fans!

    Let us mark straight away the betting leaders where you can place your bets without any fear of being cheated. List of cricket betting apps in India 2023:

    • 1xbet
    • 4rabet
    • melbet
    • rajbet

    There are other cricket betting apps as well, but these are the most popular and proven.

    Why they have already become the best of the best, let's get to the bottom of it:

    • Fair play. No one is involved in cheating or tampering with the results. All this is proven by years of working with more than millions of users every day. They all earn and enjoy the games.
    • Simplicity. The interfaces are honed for quick interaction with users. If you have any doubts, try it yourself. It really is simple!
    • Fast operation without bugs. This is a very important point, which can prevent you from making the right cricket bet, and you will lose out on a lot of money.

    We've gathered some basic facts for you and hopefully they are more than enough to help you choose the right platform for you!

    How to choose betting app for IPL 2023

    We have already detailed the basic criteria for selecting a cricket betting apps. All of them can also be applied to the selection of an best betting app for IPL 2023. Of course, there is a lot to add to these points to cover the topic in full.

    how a player can choose the best IPL betting app

    Let's round up some of the must-have features for apps that deal in IPL betting:

    • Plenty of options for depositing and withdrawing money, publicly available methods should definitely be on the list;
    • Webapps design, minimalistic but still understandable enough;
    • Very large bonuses for newcomers who want to try their hand at sports betting;
    • A live chat section where the support team can solve any problems that arise when using the apps;
    • A license, which is a must for any platform, we only offer trusted apps.

    With this knowledge you can easily pick through a IPL betting platform. Only then you will guarantee yourself successful bets. Of course the easiest thing to do is to check if there are any IPL betting apps at all, although it is inconceivable that there isn't.

    What should the player look at while choosing IPL Betting apps

    Everything we wrote earlier is relevant. When choosing a cricket betting apps, you have to look at the characteristics and pay attention to it.

    what a newbie should look at when choosing an application

    Let's go through the main points to choose from:

    • Always be wary of new apps in the market. It is better to work with trusted best cricket betting sites partners, which we provide on our webapps and can guarantee their honesty.  Trust is the most important parameter. Of course, new apps can be good, but they need to be checked on all aspects;
    • Bonus. We have already talked about them, but it is a very sweet gift that everyone wants. And it's a good idea to compare betting apps so parameters. Perhaps it is this point that will help you choose the best apps, and you can learn to win a lot of money faster;
    • User-friendliness. An important point, you have to look at the history of transactions, the security of the account, the availability of the current balance, etc. Everything has to be clear and not questionable;
    • Visual attractiveness. The beauty should not interfere with the usability of the apps;

    Notifications. Really this is an important point for betting. You should receive up-to-date data on current events, news, betting results. All this data is very important for the gambler.

    What Bonus can be obtained for IPL Bets

    IPL betting apps offer a great opportunity to make money. You can earn even more if you take advantage of the bonuses of these services.

    what bonus does the player receive through the application

    The main features you can get:

    • Welcome Extra Bonus. The most initial bonus for new members, on cricket betting covering the IPL. This varies from apps to apps. But for the most part, it's a top-up to your account for your first bets. Very often it's an increase in your deposit by double or more;
    • Free bets. This bonus is already for regular customers of the apps, but sometimes it is given for new registrations as well;
    • Cashback. Bonuses for real gamblers, the more you play, the more you get. Many apps even have cashback for losses. This means that if you fail, you can still win back and have fun. 
    • Invitation bonus for a friend (referral program). Do you have friends, who do not play betting yet? Invite them over and earn even more money for betting!

    Now you can see all the benefits of the bonuses you need to be part of the best IPL betting apps.

    How to complete the registration via the app

    If you want to get started with a full cricket betting apps for real cash, you need to know the important points.

    We've covered many of the intricacies, so you now know exactly where and how to click to sign up and get your bonuses. As a reminder, in most cases it is at the top of the apps on the home page.

    registration through the application

    Registration varies from apps to apps and apps ask users for certain information for cricket betting. Some ask for all the details at once, others need it gradually. You will definitely need to give your full name, gender, date of birth, country of residence and email. This is the minimum set so that all bets are legal.

    After that there will be verification of your account, there is nothing wrong with that, just platforms need to know exactly where the money you earned on IPL matches will be sent.

    There is another important thing, some apps require you to be at least 18 years old and you will have to upload your documents to prove your age, usually your passport. Understand that it is strictly forbidden to provide services to minors.

    These are all the basic points to remember when registering on real cricket betting apps in India.

    Top 10 Betting apps in India

    There are many good cricket betting webapps in the vast expanse of India. They offer betting on other sports as well. The below top is completely safe for you. Therefore, we are making a wide selection of apps so that anyone can choose the best betting apps for themselves. By choosing any of these apps, you can be guaranteed to win money honestly.

    10 best india mobile apps for cricket betting

    Let's take a look at the best cricket betting apps in India:

    • 1xbet;
    • 4rabet;
    • Melbet;
    • Rajbet;

    Ratings and methods of rating the best for cricket betting vary, you may see other apps have a different rating or more apps, but the bulk of these apps will be the same. The 2023 market leaders are hard to squeeze out of their seats. 
    Below we will try to tell you about each apps on this list. They are the brightest representatives and they must be mentioned separately.

    1xBet India

    The leader in your industry! You'll be sure to have all the sports to place your bets on here and it's not just cricket. You can happily bet on football, darts, baseball, American football, basketball, baseball and many more.

    Just Indian cricket betting app download and start betting, it's very easy. A simple registration after installing the app and you have a full world of gambling available to you! All of this is sure to bring you joy and lots of fun.

    Here are a few things you should know about the strengths of 1xbet cricket betting app:

    • The best support service, helps at any time, the main thing is to state the nature of the problem and it will be solved immediately;
    • Fully legal app, this is a very important point. You will always have access to real information and no one will fake your details;
    • No cheating and fair gambling in general;
    • Huge choice of payment and withdrawal methods that the platform supports.

    If you are unsure, it is better to ask a cricket betting expert, who will give you tips and you will have a better understanding of how to bet.

    1xBet Casino India

    For a description of all the types of games and bonuses, one could write endlessly. Here you will find all the main games that gamblers are looking for. The main games are Wheel of Fortune, Blackjack, Baccarat, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Roulette and others. Convenient search and sorting will help you find a game for all tastes, the main task is to make you have fun and profit. By the way, here are the most popular slot machines: Super Match, Panda Gold, Secret Cupcakes, etc.

    You can choose 1xbet as the best guide to the casino world. And if you approach wisely and sensibly, you'll be able to use all the bonuses presented and save a lot of money! The first deposit bonus is the most lucrative offer for you. You can double the amount and enjoy playing games twice as much.

    4raBet India

    The free cricket betting app is a choice you'll never complain about. It is a unique betting apps. After registering, you will immediately enjoy the game. The main points to look out for are:

    • Very easy and quick to make money;
    • Cashback to break even on the go;
    • Fast operation of the app;
    • Attractive and user-friendly design;
    • Zero transfer fee;
    • Betting tracking module to keep track of all tournaments;
    • The app is several times more convenient than the regular webapps.

    Indian users especially appreciate this app. It is designed specifically for them and the betting experience here is one of fun and rich emotion.

    4raBet India Cricket Bets

    Here are the instructions to help you start online betting on cricket in India in the best betting app:

    • After downloading and installing the app on your mobile phone, create a personal account. For the bonus, it's better to choose sports greetings, it's a great choice for new users;
    • After verification, log in;
    • Make a deposit into your wallet to get the bonuses;
    • Select the sport "cricket";
    • Now you need to select the event you want to bet on and which prediction you are most confident in. You don't need to make big bets at once, start with small amounts;
    • Wait for the results of the game;
    • Get your winnings and withdraw them. You can not withdraw all the money at once, but leave part of it for future bets.

    Everything is very simple, good luck with your bets!

    Melbet India

    This platform is not much on the radar, but rest assured, it is a very advanced platform for professional gamblers in the world of sports.

    Not only does the Melbet app allow you to bet on cricket, but it also gives you a huge array of gaming tools at once. The most rewarding part is the esports. Generally speaking, there are a lot of unique things here that will help you look at the world of sports betting and gambling in a different way.

    And don't worry that this app is for professionals, registration takes 10 seconds and you're ready to fully immerse yourself in the world of betting.

    Advantages of the Melbet app

    Let's go straight through the main unique features:

    • All bets can be placed in rupees, this applies to deposits and withdrawals;
    • Professional match broadcasting in FullHD quality;
    • Rare sports are available for betting: Formula 1, Keirin, Pesapallo and others.

    Meblet India's unique app will give you confidence in betting and you'll soon see why it's the choice of the professionals. 


    This is a very big player in the world of cricket betting. All features of Indian culture are taken into consideration and if you join this platform, you will immediately get:

    • A welcome bonus of 120% for players from India, which is a very big bonus among all the offers;
    • Ongoing support for their customers in their native language;
    • The app features all the major games for all tastes (including the casino section); 
    • Modern design and continuous improvements for sports betting enthusiasts.

    Some consider Rajbet betting sites for Cricket in India, so perhaps the majority opinion is worth listening to.

    Rajbet Bonus

    To get off to a good start in the world of sports, you need practice, and you can't do without a bonus in the early stages. Let's take a look at the main bonuses of the Rajbet app:

    • A very generous referral programme for inviting a friend to the platform. But one must keep in mind that you can't take advantage of it immediately, but only after depositing Rs 3,000 on your main deposit;
    • An additional daily cashback of 10% of all bets. The more you spend, the more money you get back;
    • Super welcome bonus for newbies up to Rs 10000 on deposits of INR 1000 or more. Practically x10 to your current balance.

    Megapari India

    This is a fairly well-known cricket betting site. Other sports are also well represented. There is a casino section with over 1,000 gambling games. Therefore, Megapari app is a full-fledged member of the best cricket bookies.

    When you register a new member, you will be immediately greeted with welcome bonuses of up to 9000 Indian rupees. Don't forget that we have an Android app on the site so that you can bet anywhere without any restrictions.

    From a regular computer, you can also place bets, there is no difference in interface or accounts. Megapari's motto: Bet anywhere, bet for fun!

    1win India

    A very interesting, 1win app is liked by many newcomers for its huge 500% deposit bonus. Any sports gambling enthusiast can easily start to understand betting and make money. The bonus gives plenty of time to practice your skills.

    Inside the platform, you'll have immediate access to betting on all sports, as well as access to the casino. The main perks we've highlighted are:

    • Huge gifts for everyone;
    • Quickly updated odds;
    • Convenient and easy interface for users;
    • Logical arrangement of buttons for quick bets.

    Separately, we would like to mention a wide choice of deposit and withdrawal methods. Once you have learned how to bet and have started earning income, this factor may become decisive in choosing an app.

    Top IPL Betting Apps 2023

    Many experts are ranking the best betting apps for this year. In order to choose the right app, we recommend paying close attention to the apps:

    • 1xbet
    • 4rabet
    • melbet
    • rajbet
    • megapari

    There are other quality cricket betting apps out there, but these are the market leaders.

    We present here only time-tested appss for betting in India that have common features. Money handling should always be secure. Deposit and withdrawal should be transparent, if there is a problem the technical support team should help solve the problem quickly.

    You can always just try to start playing, considering the sign up bonuses you can bet for free and test your luck. If you don't like one app, you can always start with another that allows you to bet on cricket.

    How to Download Betting Apps on Android (.apk)

    We've given lots of advice and told you all the ins and outs of different sports betting services. You might be tempted to join one of the many online betting apps, so let us tell you online cricket betting apps download!

    Firstly, you need to check your device. Whether or not you have enough space to install the app and whether or not your internet connection is stable, these are the basics without which the app can't work.

    Secondly, if everything is OK, you can select the app you like, click on the download button. The download will start automatically, and then the installation process will take place. Be sure to check that there are no viruses in the app and that the app doesn't ask for a lot of permissions to run. 

    That's all, you can dive into the world of betting! Good Luck!

    The instruction of installing the apps on Android

    After cricket betting app free download in apk format (these files are only for Android). Now you can install it, how easy it is to do let's understand below.

    If the installation does not start automatically, you need to find the downloaded app. Basically this is in the Downloads section of your device. On many gadgets this section is right on the home screen of your device and you don't have to look long for this directory. It all depends on the manufacturer of your device and its settings, so keep this in mind.

    Once you have found the file, click on it to start the installation. You may be asked for permission to install from an unverified source, you need to confirm the installation.

    Now just wait for the application installation process to finish. Considering that all the modern cricket betting applications are very lightweight and don't require much space, the installation is quick. They also have a very good compatibility with all your devices. 

    Once it's done, launch the app and proceed to sign up!

    How to download Betting Apps on iOS

    The immediate question iPhone owners have is whether there are cricket betting apps for ios in India. Of course there are, and with the new policy that obliges Apple to allow third-party apps, there will be more and more.

    The process of downloading an app for iOS is not fundamentally different from Android. Choose an app you like, find the download button and the download will start.

    If you are asked for permission for operations, simply confirm it. Remember to download apps from trusted sources so that everything goes smoothly. 

    The instruction of installing the app on iOS

    It's simple and there are no complications. Follow the simple instructions:

    • After downloading from the Internet, locate this application;
    • Click on it to launch it;
    • The settings may ask for installation permissions, confirm your intentions;
    • The app will be installed successfully.

    Be sure to check that you have updated iOS to the latest version and that the app works correctly. Do this before you start using the new cricket betting app.

    FAQ Cricket Betting Apps

    ๐Ÿ  How to download cricket betting apps on Android?

    Go to the page of the app you like. Click on the download icon and the download process will start. Be sure to update your system to the latest version before doing so.

    ๐Ÿ  How to download betting apps on iOS?

    It's as simple as that, click on the icon of your app, allow the operation and the download will start. It's easy.

    ๐Ÿ  How is the app installed on Android?

    Check that the download process was successful and that you have enough free space on your device. You may need to clear some space and delete old files. Then just click on the file icon and the installation will start on your phone.

    ๐Ÿ  How to install the app on iOS?

    Select the downloaded file and the installation will start. If confirmation is required, give it to this operation.

    ๐Ÿ  What bonus can be received for the first deposit?

    It's standard procedure, you just have to register and top up your balance to get the bonus. All platforms compete for customers, so these bonuses are very generous and can double your balance. You might be given extra bonuses in the form of real money in INR, so you can make more bets!

    ๐Ÿ  How can the deposit be made?

    Choose any of the options presented, mainly credit cards, e-wallets or payment systems. Then enter the amount you want to deposit and go through the transaction.

    ๐Ÿ  What bookmakers are legal in India?

    Absolutely. Our aim is to make you happier and richer. That's why we selected the best and tested applications for you. Trust us, each and every one of these platforms is worth a try!

    ๐Ÿ  Can I trust the bookmakers from this ranking?

    All of the betting platforms presented are proven to work in this country. They make it easy to make deposits and withdrawals.

    ๐Ÿ  What bookmaker is the most reliable in India?

    If you take any of the platforms on the webapps, they can be trusted. They are all leaders in the field for beginners and professionals alike.

    ๐Ÿ  How to start placing bets on cricket and other kinds of sport?

    First it's registering on any of the proven platforms. Next, make a deposit and get a bonus. Now we proceed to placing bets. All you have to do is specify the purpose of the bet and how much money you want to bet on the event. Next, find your own luck!

    There are so many cricket betting apps available for the people of India. Which one you choose is up to you, be careful and all will be well. Listen to the tips on our webapps and we will help you avoid problems and we will make sports betting the best experience of your life!

    ๐Ÿ  Cricket betting good or bad?

    Of course it's good, there are a lot of people playing this one and there are a lot of matches being played. If you are unlucky in one bet, you can immediately bet on another match and win more money.

    Ravindran Kannan : June 7, 2023
    Ravindran Kannan - Website editor-in-chief. A professional sports journalist who has worked for major sports portals in India, particularly cricket, football, baseball and others. His views are listened to by many players.

    Website editor-in-chief. A professional sports journalist who has worked for major sports portals in India, particularly cricket, football, baseball and others. His views are listened to by many players.


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